8:00 am Rural Coffee Break @ Addison United
Rural Coffee Break @ Addison United
Feb 2 @ 8:00 am – 10:30 am
Rural Coffee Break @ Addison United
Cancelled due to COVID 19
11:00 am Worship Service @ Addison United
Worship Service @ Addison United
Feb 5 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Cancelled due to COVID 19

With God’s presence Addison United Community of Faith will continue to sow seeds for the future in our community through being rural and real

Rural People .... Real Hope

Worship Team

Sunday morning worship services are conducted weekly except for the month of July. Services are lead by pulpit supply consisting of either a retired minister, a lay leader, guest speakers or a congregational member leading the reflection complemented by a service built around a theme.

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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care in our congregation is the responsibility of a team whose mission is to provide comfort and caring to past and present members of our Community of Faith

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Church in Action

Also known as "Congregational Life and Christian Growth"

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In 2016, Addison United Pastoral Charge after its awakening in 2015 to the fact that God was truly present once we took the time to notice coupled with the realization that we can supervise for the present to some extent but for the future, God must supervise if we are to move ahead. We also continue to learn and grow as we see examples that as a congregation we must move away from the current belief of asking God to help us carry out our plans but instead need to strive through deliberation and prayer to ask God to plan and offer ourselves as agents to carry out his wishes. ‘With God’s presence, Addison United Community of Faith will continue to sow seeds for the future in our community through being rural and real” Rural People .... Real Hope... We continue our out of the box thinking, our  focus on outreach ministries instead of  on a building  and our  holding on to the principles outlined in the Manual  of the United Church of Canada in order to be an active and vibrant part of the Eastern Ontario Outaouais Region and the United Church of Canada and perhaps a role model for those small churches out there who struggle with what next.

Community Garden

Reverend Spivey’s inspirational first sermon back in September 2014, on the lowly tomato seed has set seed and grew.

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Rural Coffee Break

Every Thursday is a weekly event that people from the community look forward to. There is no charge, only a donation to the coffee sack.

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Simple Fare Luncheon

This is a free nutritious lunch served on the third Thursday of the month. It is open to all. There is no charge for anyone to come and eat this meal.

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‘Addison has a vibrant ministry that does not rely on a large budget or expansive premises, but on the contact they have with the community around them and their down-to-earth approach to that calling. Money is important to keep things going, but it is not a constant worrisome pre-occupation. That is refreshing. Their willingness to experiment, to take responsibility as individuals for things they would normally have to pay a professional to do (such as lead worship from time to time), their very generous support of a variety of projects as well as the wider Mission and Service expectations of the United Church of Canada. All these things have encouraged and impressed me. They  are realistic about what they can do, but that doesn’t stop them from thinking outside the box, and that is like a breath of fresh air in a Church climate that has become pre-occupied with the gloomy prospect of dwindling numbers, and maybe even dying.’ – Reverend David Spivey

Womens Ministry (UCW)

The women of the church continue their support to the church as a whole.

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Mission and Service

We continue to surpass our annual objective.

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9007 County Road 29
Addison, Ontario
(613) 924-9816