Congregational Life and Christian Growth / Church in Action

This team is responsible for the coordination of our monthly euchre evening in support of the Building Fund and the monthly potluck and games night.  This team continues to work at being a green church. We continue to recycle used eyeglasses for poorer countries. We use our blue boxes extensively. We have a working composter. Our used battery sales did not pan out, but we still collect and donate them to another charity that gets enough to sell them. Our church designated the second Sunday of every month as food bank Sunday and over the past two years have collected over 1000 pounds of food for the local Build a Mountain of Food campaign.

All the money from our outreach activities, after expenses, is given away. The donations have been divided with 10% of the net proceeds being returned to the local church for assistance with heat and hydro. The remaining 90% is distributed around the local community and the wider church. Over 7500.00 has been donated since these ministries began to the community, the wider church and beyond.