Community Garden

Reverend Spivey’s inspirational first sermon back in September 2014, on the lowly tomato seed has set seed and grew. Our Kitchen tomato plant continued to flower and produce tomatoes over 1 ½ years later. This seed blossomed into an idea for a community church garden in January 2015. The end result, through much discussion at Coffee Break, a donation of lumber, manpower, straw, manure, soil and outside community advice and plants, blossomed into 3 successful raised garden beds. The gardens produced onions, radish, cucumbers, tomatoes, beans ( pole and wax), kale, carrots, beets, Swiss chard and strawberries. The gardens attracted much outside interest and a great many enjoyed the produce at Simple Fare, CPHC or Sunday lunch after church. The local 4 H  uses the raised gardens now to support its gardening club.