Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care in our congregation is the responsibility of a team whose mission is to provide comfort and caring to past and present members of our Community of Faith and to others in the community who are unable to regularly join us in church activities. Members of this team also support their worship team at the Maple View Lodge services. After worship, fellowship comes in the form of the sharing of a light meal which serves as pastoral care for our weekly attendees with the leftover food being taken to shut-ins in the community who have mobility or health issues. While there is a dedicated team pastoral care is assisted by all members of the congregation who provide visits, cards, and telephone. Our team is supported in their endeavors by our Pastoral Charge Supervisor who will make visits upon request or of learning about a particular need. Our Council developed and adopted the Accessibility Policy, the Heart Program policy, and the Behavioral Covenant which speaks to how we deal with conflict in teams, council, and our church family as a whole which is posted for all members to see.

The Prayer Shawl Ministry supported by the knitting and crocheting efforts of the UCW is an active one with shawls adorned with a crocheted angel and handwritten card having been requested and given out. Our prayer shawls have traveled as far as Nova Scotia to the east and Vancouver to the West, to people in communities in between and overseas.